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For each item please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements by selecting appropriate option.

Very Good Good Average Poor

1. Are you satisfied with current curriculum of the institute?*

 To great extend    Moderately    Marginally   Not at all  

2. To what percent do you find students/ employees aware about social and economic requirement? *

  90%     75%    60%   less than 50% 

3. The present education system develops entrepreneurial approach? *

 To great extent    adequate   To some extent   Not at all 

4. Does the Syllabus cultivate the life-skills among the students? *

 Significantly   Satisfactory   Partially   Unable to cultivate 

5. Learned curriculum Inculcates professional ethics and moral values amongst learner. *

 Adequate   moderate   good   average 

6. Does the curriculum nurture co-operation and mutual understanding. *

  90%    75%     60%    less than 50% 

7. Does the learned curriculum develop the scientific approach amongst the beneficiaries? *

 Excellent    very good   good   average 

8. Does the syllabus develop student’s attitude to achieve excellence?*

 To great extend    satisfactory    to some extent    Not at all 

9. Beneficiaries of the education are enough competitive to tackle global issues?*

 To great extent   Satisfactory   partially   Slightly